Noel M. Tichy
U-MICH Business School

Successful leaders are energized by achieving high levels of performance in the face of complexity, ambiguity and uncertainty. Embracing Uncertainty presents a point of view that gives aspiring leaders a valuable insight into how to operate in such an environment.

Jeannette Terry
Tercon consulting

Clampitt and DeKoch offer leaders insightful analyses of the key challenges associated with achieving tangible, sustainable progress in large, complex and often decentralized organizations.

Oliver Zornow
executive director

Bob is a compassionate and innovative leader who leverages decades of experiences to be an engaged and insightful mentor. He has an ability to help leaders put words to the “why” and “how” behind their thinking and poses questions that provoke reflection and revelation. Regular coaching sessions with Bob have made leading my team through uncertainty a professionally challenging and personally rewarding experience.

Non-profit colleague

I have very much enjoyed working with you over the years…It has been¬†a rewarding experience, and particularly working with you and the leadership and professionalism that you provided to the organization. I respect the thoughtfulness and deep thinking you bring to the table. Your caring and stewardship always come through. I am honored to have had the opportunity to get to know and work with you.

Former employee

What a wonderful blessing you have been to us! Thank you for your guidance, leadership, wisdom and unfailing desire to see us succeed.